From the team behind VersionPress, this is a hosted WordPress service with database merging, undo functionality and AWS-based infrastructure. admin

Next-generation staging

Most hosts today let you create staging but don't really help with merging the changes back. Overwriting production databases, anyone? carefully compares the environments and pushes only what's necessary. If you're not happy with the result, just click undo.

Good staging saves a lot of work and gray hair. We work on it relentlessly.


Modern infrastructure

Based on Docker and running on AWS & Kubernetes, the infrastructure is fast and scalable.

We also promote newer technologies that are secure and improve performance. The platform only supports HTTPS, HTTP/2 and PHP 7.


Built for WordPress developers

We are developers, too, and understand your needs. Things like SSH access, WP-CLI, etc. are part of the platform.

Moreover, you can collaborate on sites with your colleagues, set up agency billing and manage everything in a mobile-friendly app.


Fully managed

Don't worry about VPS and managing your own stuff.

Efficient backups

Boring until you need it. Closely related to our "undo" functionality.

3, 2, 1... stage!

Staging is a core feature, not a checkbox for us. We're constantly improving it.

Engineers on support

We're a small and friendly team, you'll be quickly speaking with a technical person.


Enjoy the benefits of world-class infrastructure without being a devops guru.

Dev friendliness

WP-CLI, SSH, SFTP, Adminer, kick-ass workflows.

Near future

CDN for images

Images should be fast and close to your visitors. This will be automatically part of higher plans.

Auto-scaling containers

Each site runs in at least two Docker containers to handle load.

Workflow improvements

Staging with multiple environments (one per developer, for example), local workflows and more.


The plans below will be available after launch but you can save up to 90% if you pre-order today: 10 sites, 1 year, just $99!

- preview -


  • 1 site
  • World-class staging
  • Free SSL
  • Auto-scaling
$19 / mo.
- preview -


  • 10 sites
  • World-class staging
  • Free SSL
  • Auto-scaling
  • CDN included
$99 / mo.
- preview -


  • 50 sites
  • World-class staging
  • Free SSL
  • Auto-scaling
  • CDN included
  • Priority support
$299 / mo.

These are the intended plans after launch. Subject to change.


When will the platform launch?

You can already enter public beta by pre-ordering – the platform is serving many production sites already. We're striving for general availability in late 2017 / early 2018.

How do VersionPress and relate?

VersionPress is a free and open-source project focusing on database versioning & merging. It's currently a Developer Preview and you can get it for free on GitHub. is a sister project, a hosted platform. It packages workflows, AWS infrastructure, team features and more.


We'll be happy to answer any questions at