WordPress hosting with database merging

From the first lines of code to thousands of visitors, your site deserves excellent hosting and proper workflows.

Modern hosting

Built on Docker containers, you get HTTP/2, PHP 7, free SSL and full SSH access. That's how it should be.

Workflows like nowhere else

Database merging is what sets VersionPress.com apart.

Future through Open Source

VersionPress is a free and open-source plugin that versions WordPress sites in Git.

Docker hosting on Google Cloud

Built on containers, VersionPress.com is a highly efficient hosting platform. We also include developer tools like WP-CLI, lovely web terminal or full SSH access.

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Workflows that save you time

On VersionPress.com, you can push changes from staging to live without overwriting the database. Also, you can undo any push if things go wrong.

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Future through Open Source

Currently in developer preview, VersionPress is an open-source plugin that integrates WordPress and Git.

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What people say about VersionPress.com

Jan StetinaDeveloper, Toolset

Database merging is an important problem to solve, I'm a big fan of VersionPress!

Karolina VyskocilovaWordPress developer, Kybernaut

As a developer, I want to have websites under my control. VersionPress.com gives me live & staging environments, WP-CLI and excellent support.

Adam LaitaPerformance specialist, laita.cz

VersionPress.com is my preferred WordPress hosting: fast & great value for money.

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