User-friendly workflows for WordPress

Push staging changes to live without overwriting data. Undo changes. Enjoy the benefits of Git in WordPress.

VersionPress is a version control plugin, powered by Git. is a user-friendly hosted solution with many of the same benefits, without the complexity.

“A ground-breaking plugin for all developers.”

Open-source VersionPress

VersionPress is an open-source plugin that integrates WordPress with Git. You can branch, merge, undo changes, see who did what, and more.

Free & open-source
Version control including database
Technically challenging project, in beta

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Hosting with database merging combines lightweight, Docker-based hosting with killer features like push to production without overwriting live data.

Fully supported commercial service
Works with all plugins and themes
For WP site owners, not just developers

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Find out how the two compare, exactly.

Local workflows, "Stacey", ...

Coming in 2019

We're always thinking how to make the core technologies useful in new ways. Local, Docker-based environments are coming soon, with more products in the pipeline.

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