Hosted WordPress platform that cares about your workflows staging is a scalable, Docker-based hosting with the best ideas from VersionPress: staging with push to live (database merging!), undo & rollback.

Workflows that work for you

With every site, you get two environments – live & staging – and there's database merging between them. Push to live is effortless and there's always an undo button if you need it.

Good staging saves a lot of work, we work on it relentlessly.


Great hosting infrastructure

Based on Docker and running on Google Cloud, the infrastructure is fast and scalable.

We bet on modern technologies like HTTPS, HTTP/2 and PHP 7. You won't find legacy stuff on


Built for WordPress professionals

The platform offers team features so that you can collaborate on your sites with your colleagues or clients. We're also working on full SSH access with WP-CLI and Git.

Your workflows are always in the center of our attention.

Developer workflows

platform features at a glance


Versioning, database merging & effortless push to production.

HTTP/2 stack

I.e., fast. It also means HTTPS-only which is a good thing.

Dev friendliness

WP-CLI, SSH, SFTP, Adminer
(some of them work in progress).

Team workflows

GitHub-like collaboration for you and your teammates.

Docker & Google Cloud

Cloud-based, forward-looking infrastructure.

Beautiful admin app

No cPanels to be seen here.



Get your content closer to your visitors.

Auto-scaling containers

Run your sites in multiple replicas to handle load.

Workflow improvements

Multi-environment staging, local workflows and more. We'll always keep improving this.

We're in beta right now

The beta is currently full but you can leave us your email to be invited:


How do VersionPress and relate?

VersionPress is a free and open-source WordPress plugin that you can get from GitHub. It is a developer preview with limited support for plugins and you should be familiar with Git. On the upside, it is ultimately powerful. is a hosted platform that wraps the technology into workflows that are user-friendly and production-ready today. It sacrifices a little bit of power (for now!) to gain greatly on plugin compatibility. Also, is a great WordPress hosting in its own right.

As VersionPress matures, we will start deploying it to the platform.

What to expect during the early phase?

The hosting itself has been running production sites for about a year, gets 24/7 monitoring, several layers of backups and conservative treatment.

The staging technology, due to its nature, is more challenging and we're still improving it but it's also reasonably stable as of now. Still, the early discount is our way of saying thank you for helping us iron things out!


We'll be happy to answer any questions at