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Introducing VP-CLI: local workflows for sites is a lightweight hosting environment for WordPress with database merging and one of the key decisions we made early on was to bet on Docker. This was slightly controversial back then but today, Kubernetes…

Borek Bernard

Basic site metrics

The dashboard now displays useful site metrics about disk space, database size and WordPress itself. image Learn more in documentation.

Borek Bernard

SSH keys

Upload your public keys to for simpler SSH and SFTP authentication: image Learn more about SSH keys on

Borek Bernard

New home for VersionPress

In 2014, we started VersionPress as an exploration whether it would be possible to combine WordPress with the benefits of Git: a history of an entire site, undo functionality, branching and merging, team collaboration…

Borek Bernard

Updated docs site

Thanks to an awesome contribution by @iamlisaross, VersionPress has a brand new documentation: VersionPress docs site The highlights are: The site is now statically generated by MkDocs and hosted on GitHub Pages. We'll no…

Borek Bernard

VersionPress in 2017, plans for 2018

It's the end of another year, let's look back at 2017 and talk about our plans for 2018. The two most significant things from us in 2017 were: Release of VersionPress 4.0 beta with support for WordPress plugins and themes…

Borek Bernard enters beta

UPDATE: Thank you all for the interest! The beta is full now, you can subscribe to be notified when we can accept more users at TL;DR:, a hosted WordPress platform with focus on…

Borek Bernard

VersionPress 4.0 beta

We're happy to announce the availability of VersionPress 4.0-beta. It brings significant stability improvements over the alpha and a couple of new features. You can download 4.0-beta from GitHub and read the full release…

Borek Bernard


I'm happy to announce that VersionPress is getting a sister project: It is a hosted WordPress platform (a managed WordPress host if you will) that takes the best ideas from VersionPress and packages them in…

Borek Bernard

VersionPress 4.0 update

👋 It's been a while since the last post so here's an update for you. The main piece of news is that VersionPress 4.0 now has a release plan: 4.0-beta is coming in June 4.0 final in September Besides that, we're adding a…

Borek Bernard

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