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User Story by @unclhos

Robert Iseley (@unclhos) is one of our early adopters and he caught our attention as he and his team have been using VersionPress for advanced workflows long before they were officially supported. I asked Robert if he could…

Borek Bernard

3.0.1 Released

VersionPress 3.0.1 is a relatively small bugfix and reliability release and you can get it from GitHub now. It fixes 9 issues in total, 6 bugs and 3 other improvements. If you're upgrading from VersionPress 3.0, you can use…

Borek Bernard

VersionPress 4.0 Roadmap

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” But let's try. 3rd party plugin support One of the biggest challenges for VersionPress, and the reason why it's still in the Early Access phase, is WordPress plugins…

Borek Bernard

VersionPress 3.0 Released

In January, we were pretty confident VersionPress 3.0 would be released by the end of that month. In February, we were pretty confident… you get the idea. It's the end of April and I'm really happy to announce that…

Borek Bernard

Going Open Source

It is my great pleasure to announce that VersionPress goes fully Open Source today. While the software itself has been GPL'd since the first releases, we've been developing it privately and Early Access was a paid-for program…

Borek Bernard

Git Was Not a Good Idea

(EDIT: As many of you noticed, this was indeed an April Fool's Day prank. We love Git, it's the center part of what we do and SVN could not possibly work inside VersionPress.) When we started developing VersionPress, Git…

Borek Bernard

Feeling restless

Pardon the stupid pun but I'm just traveling from the amazing #feelingrestfull conference and am really feeling that way (apart from being tired – don't ask me why they'd call it “A Day of REST” 🙂 ). Let me share a couple of…

Borek Bernard

Thank you, 2015

…, you've been a good year to us. Let me briefly look back and also sketch out our plans for 2016. 2015 in review 2015 has been an all-important year for VersionPress. I know we're still in the Early Access mode which many of…

Borek Bernard

WordCamp US 2015

Just a quick note, I'll be at WordCamp US later this week (Tuesday to Sunday) and would love to meet and chat with you if you're there too; just ping me at Thanks!

Borek Bernard

What to expect in VersionPress 2.2 and 3.0

With VersionPress 2.0 released and some infrastructure things sorted out in the past couple of weeks, I'd like to talk about what to expect in VersionPress 3.0 and the interim 2.2 release. VersionPress 2.2 2.2 will be a…

Borek Bernard

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