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VersionPress 1.0 Walkthrough

In this blog post I'm going to show how VersionPress 1.0 works and how it can help you manage your WordPress sites. It is a lot of screenshots so let's get rolling. UPDATE: For new features in VersionPress 2.0, see this blog…

Borek Bernard

Empowering WordPress Users

I'm often thinking how to best describe VersionPress. For geeks, it might be a Git version control for WordPress, for regular users it might be the “Time Machine” for their web sites but I always felt that all this is missing…

Borek Bernard

VersionPress 1.0 Released

It's here! We're glad to announce the availability of VersionPress 1.0, the first stable release of what we hope to become an amazingly useful tool for WordPress admins around the world. What is VersionPress If you're new to…

Borek Bernard

1.0 RC3 Released and Available for Anyone to Test

We're pleased to announce the availability of VersionPress 1.0 RC3 which is planned to be the last release candidate in the 1.0 release cycle. Also, we're making it available to anyone interested so if you want to try it and…

Borek Bernard

March News

We sometimes go quiet for various reasons but it's never because we would be working less on VersionPress – in fact, it's usually quite the opposite. Let me share what happened during the past month and what progress we made…

Borek Bernard

Crowdfunding Campaign – Lessons Learned

Last June, VersionPress went through a crowd-funding campaign and it was a very interesting experience. I've long wanted to blog about it because I believe that crowd-funding is a great option for WordPress plugin developers…

Borek Bernard

1.0 RC2 Released

Today we shipped the second Release Candidate (RC2) to our Early Access Program members. It contains only a few visible changes but is one of the largest preview releases nevertheless. Here are the details. 1-0-rc2-build…

Borek Bernard

The Road to 1.0

The first Release Candidate (RC1) was released earlier this month and in this blog post, let's briefly look at what has been done since then and what is left for the final 1.0 release. Enhancing pre-activation checks If there…

Borek Bernard

VersionPress vs. Revisr

One of the most frequently asked question we get, if not the most frequent one, is: “How does VersionPress compare to Revisr?” It's a good question, and one we've long wanted to answer properly, so here you go. In June 201…

Borek Bernard

Announcing Early Access Program

This is the first blog post after quite a while and we're happy to be back! The development period is largely over and we can start discussing how VersionPress will be available in 2015, what to expect from future releases…

Borek Bernard

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