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Thoughts on Calypso

Calypso is the big news of the week and here are some random thoughts on it. 1. This is awesome First and foremost, I am personally extremely excited about this. Not only because the new UI is really nice and pleasant to use…

Borek Bernard

Moved to GitHub

After the 2.0 release we moved our entire development infrastructure to GitHub. Leaving JIRA and Bitbucket behind, it was an interesting experience that I want to briefly blog about. Why to move The first point I want to make…

Borek Bernard

Seed Funding (Yay!)

UPDATE: the story was covered by TechCrunch. I'm happy to announce that we've recently closed a $400,000 seed round of funding from five amazing investors, led by Credo Ventures in Prague. This is an important milestone for…

Borek Bernard

VersionPress 2.0 Released

I'm happy to announce that VersionPress 2.0 has been released! This release brings the much awaited database sync functionality that is key for things like easy staging, team workflows etc., as well as a major update to a…

Borek Bernard

The db.php Issue

In VersionPress 2.0, apart from sync / staging and revamped UI, we also took a look at a long-standing issue we have with the db.php drop-in. This blog post will be a bit technical but the TL;DR is that we will now be able to…

Borek Bernard

VersionPress 2.0: New User Interface

The upcoming 2.0 release brings two major features: the sync / staging workflows and a rewritten user interface. This blog post is about the latter. Goals for the new UI Our UI in VersionPress 1.0 was pretty basic. If you…

Borek Bernard

VersionPress 2.0: Easy Staging

As we're getting closer to a release of VersionPress 2.0, I'm going to blog about a couple of features that are coming as part of that release. Probably the biggest one is database synchronization which enables things like…

Borek Bernard

The Hosting Story

When we set out to create VersionPress, we made a strategic decision to build it around Git. Git is an excellent version control system and many of the exciting features of VersionPress are powered by it, however, it is also…

Borek Bernard

Summer Update

Hey guys, hope you're enjoying summer holiday (if you have summer in the first place; sorry, southern hemisphere!). I thought I'd update you on VersionPress, our progress during the past few months and what's coming in the…

Borek Bernard

VersionPress 1.0.1 Released

While we're working on the v2 release, a couple of issues have been found in VersionPress 1.0 and we're releasing a bug fix release for it today. Main changes are: Bulk changes now display better change messages (technically…

Borek Bernard

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