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Seed Funding (Yay!)

UPDATE: the story was covered by TechCrunch.

I'm happy to announce that we've recently closed a $400,000 seed round of funding from five amazing investors, led by Credo Ventures in Prague. This is an important milestone for the project and will allow us to pursue the vision of proper version control in the WordPress world with a new level of energy & resources.

Brief history of VersionPress' funding

Our first external “investors” have been the backers in a crowd-funding campaign we ran last June. The campaign was an interesting undertaking and despite some mistakes we inevitably made, it has been a great thing for the project. We wouldn't be here today if we didn't run it.

Then we spent the next few months working on the first release of VersionPress and in January 2015, opened the Early Access Program for it. It's been a great success and we've been getting new users / customers since then, as well as a lot of useful feedback. Thank you guys!

However, it also became clear that the ambition of VersionPress outgrows the relatively modest funding that EAP and other sources could provide. We needed to push the project faster.

So around April / May, I started talking to investors. It's been an incredibly interesting experience but long story short, last month we've closed the deal with Credo Ventures and four other investors who jointly invested around $400,000. This makes us one of the very few VC-backed WordPress plugin projects / startups and a new kind of journey begins for us.

What this means for the project

First and foremost, it means that we will be able to develop VersionPress at a more rapid pace. What we currently have in the recently released v2.0 is a great start but the vision and the technical challenge are just so large that this new “fuel” will be more than welcome. We have many cool features planned and this will allow us to deliver them in a timely manner.

Also, one big benefit of talking to investors is that it provides a fresh perspective on the problems one is trying to solve, how to solve them, for whom, etc. They are surprisingly clever guys, you know 🙂 So just speaking to them made us realize a couple of important things which will greatly benefit you, our users, down the road. It's too early to speak about the specifics but the internal roadmap is just exciting.

I'd like to thank all of you who have supported us so far, from the initial backers to EAP users to our current investors. We couldn't make it without you and now we will do everything we can to deliver a kick-ass versioning solution for WordPress.

Thank you for believing in us,

Borek Bernard


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