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Status Update at the End of 2016

Dear VersionPress fans, 2016 is almost up and there hasn't been an update in a while so you deserve one. As usual at this time of the year, let's look both behind and ahead. 2016 in review I was curious to look at the last…

Borek Bernard

State of the Word 2016: The Significant One

Yesterday, Matt Mullenweg delivered his annual State of the Word speech at WordCamp US in Philadelphia. At about 54 minutes in, he started a section that I found quite fascinating and means that WordPress 4.7 (to be released…

Borek Bernard

Remote Workflows

Currently, the commands for cloning and merging only work locally, meaning that you cannot, out of the box, create a staging environment on a different server. That is often desirable so I'm going to show how you can achieve…

Borek Bernard

VersionPress 4.0 Alpha

We're happy to announce that after months of development, VersionPress 4.0-alpha1 is ready and available on GitHub. It brings plugin support which means that even complex sites like WooCommerce shops, large magazines etc…

Borek Bernard

VersionPress 4.0: Feedback on Plugin Support Wanted

VersionPress 4.0 introduces one significant feature: support for plugins and themes. It's a complex task and a pull request so large that GitHub barely handles it 🙂 but we're close to merging it. Before we do so and release…

Borek Bernard

Mergebot: Early Thoughts

The hardest thing about VersionPress is database merging; everything else is relatively simple. Very few dare to take on this problem so I was excited when Delicious Brains announced their newest project, Mergebot, yesterday…

Borek Bernard

Insider Program

UPDATE: just to be clear, the insider program is not about VersionPress itself, it's about cloud services for WordPress freelancers and agencies we're working on. If you're interested in VersionPress itself, chat with us on…

Borek Bernard

Summer Update (2016 Edition)

Dear VersionPress fans, it's been a while since the last update so here's a refresh for you. VersionPress 4.0 progress First, Jan is making a good progress on 3rd-party plugin support which is the main focus of VersionPress…

Borek Bernard

3.0.2 Released

Hi all, we've just released a minor 3.0.2 update on GitHub which fixes one minor issue introduced in 3.0.1 and improves handling of the REST API calls. Enjoy!

Borek Bernard

Heading to WCEU Vienna

Part of the VersionPress team will be at WordCamp EU in Vienna this week, specifically: Vasek, our UI guy – TypeScript, React, REST APIs and other cool stuff. Martin (@stibi) – lives and breathes Docker & k8s. Me (Borek…

Borek Bernard

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