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Insider Program

UPDATE: just to be clear, the insider program is not about VersionPress itself, it's about cloud services for WordPress freelancers and agencies we're working on. If you're interested in VersionPress itself, chat with us on Gitter or discuss things via GitHub issues.

As mentioned in the last post we're working on a couple of things around VersionPress and would like to know your feedback through the “insider program”. It won't take up a lot of your time – probably a couple of minutes a month via occasional surveys, one-on-one chats etc. – but would be very useful to us and we'll offer sneak peeks and discounts in return.

These new projects would be targeted more at WordPress professionals among you so ideally, you would be:

  • a freelancer / agency owner
  • managing client sites
  • generally knowledgeable about WordPress

On the other hand, Git knowledge or the ability to run VersionPress on your host is not required at all.

If this sounds like you please become an insider by filling out this form (web link if the embed below doesn't work for you):

UPDATE: The insider program is now active, applications are closed. Thanks for the interest!

Thank you!

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