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Caching makes sites run faster by avoiding expensive repetitive operations.

Platform-level caching provides several caching layers at the platform level which is often good-enough for simpler sites:

  • OPcache for PHP code.
  • Nginx microcache tuned to work well with WordPress sites.
  • If you need Redis as an object cache, please contact us, we'll be able to set it up for you as a paid add-on.

User-level caching

If you have custom caching needs, the following solutions are officially supported on

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is the most popular caching plugin in the WordPress plugin repository and works well with various types of sites by caching their HTML output to files, amongst other things.

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Cloudflare is a service that, even in a free plan, offers caching, CDN and security features in one package.

Learn more:

Other caching solutions

While we do not disallow other caching plugins, you might need to create ignore rules for them so that staging and saved states work well.