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Standard sites (not free development sites) can have any number of domains associated with them.


Please note that we're not selling domains, neither do we manage DNS. You'll need to update DNS settings with your current provider, e.g., GoDaddy, Namecheap or Amazon.

Managing domains

Enter the Domains section from a site detail screen. Here is an example of what you might see:


You can add and remove domains here.


The domain health might not be accurate after you update your DNS. Sometimes, it might take up to several hours for the DNS to propagate throughout the internet. DNS Checker is a useful tool.

Primary domain

One of the domains must be primary:

  • It is set as WordPress' Site Address (URL) and WordPress Address (URL).
  • All other domains redirect to it automatically.
  • Changing the primary domain can be done via the portal only; the fields are disabled in wp-admin.

We recommend adding both domains, with and without "www".

DNS setup

You need to set up DNS with your DNS provider. For example, here are instructions for GoDaddy.

You will first need to obtain A record and CNAME from the Domains section:


For "naked" domains like or (no "www."), set up an A record. For domains starting with www and similar, set up a CNAME record. The full DNS setup can look like this:

DomainRecord typeValue

Make sure you use the real values provided by the portal, not from this example!

Resolving DNS issues

If we detect issues with your DNS setup, you will see warnings in the site detail:


The domains section will try to guide you so that you can resolve the issue.