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Migrating sites to

Just starting with

Contact us and we'll be happy to migrate the site for you. We'll also make sure that it works well on the platform.


Before you start, please understand a few things:

  • The platform is built on modern technologies, for example, it only supports PHP 7.x and HTTPS (HTTPS is provided out of the box for all sites).
  • Please update all plugins and themes before starting the migration.
  • Do not use staging for migration. Your live site is safe to use before you switch DNS.

When you're ready to start the migration, obtain your files and a database dump from your current hosting provider.


Add new site

Create a new site on

Upload files

Upload your files. Some tips:

  • wp-content is probably the main thing you'll want to upload. Please do not remove the mu-plugins subfolder.
  • Do not overwrite wp-config.php, it contains platform's database connection info.
  • .htaccess files will be ignored as the platform uses nginx web servers.

Import database

Import the database e.g. by uploading the dump, starting a web terminal and running wp db reset followed by wp db import <dumpfile.sql>.


If you want to check your site before switching DNS records, search & replace the database to your temporary domain. To standardize all URLs in the database, you can run the following set of WP-CLI commands:

wp search-replace --all-tables
wp search-replace --all-tables
wp search-replace --all-tables
wp search-replace --all-tables
wp search-replace --all-tables // //
wp search-replace --all-tables // //

Update DNS

Now you can add a domain and switch DNS.

Wait until the DNS is propagated (all domains become green in the Domains section) and click the Make primary button for your preferred domain. The platform will run search & replace automatically and your site will be ready.

Congratulations, your site is now running on!