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Subscriptions billing revolves around subscriptions.

Plans & subscriptions

When you purchase a plan like Solo, Developer or Agency, you've created a subscription. Subscriptions are shown on your account page:


You can have as many subscriptions as you like, or none if you only collaborate on sites of others or use free development sites.

Subscriptions can also belong to organizations which is useful for agency scenarios and similar.

Adding sites to subscriptions

A site is added to a subscription when it is created as a standard site or when you upgrade from a free development site.

Each standard site must be part of exactly one subscription and an owner of that subscription is the owner of the site. For example, if the subscription was purchased for an organization, that organization owns the site.

Moving sites between subscriptions

Please contact our support, we'll be happy to assist you.

Canceling subscriptions

First, remove any sites from the subscription. Then, expand the row and click the Cancel subscription button.