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If you work in a team – as part of an agency or a group of developers – organizations are a great way to collaborate on WordPress sites:

  • When an organization has access to a certain site, all its members do.
  • Members can be in different roles with different permissions.
  • Organizations can own (and pay for) subscriptions.

List your organizations

Access your organizations from the top-right menu in the portal:


An organization detail shows its members and other info:


Managing members

Member roles

There are two roles:

  • Owner has full permissions: can access all the sites, manage billing and add or remove other members.
  • Member has a technical access to organization's sites in the portal.

Currently, you become an owner if you create an organization; all people invited later are members.

Inviting members

Click the Invite member button. The invited person doesn't need to be a user yet; they will create an account seamlessly when they accept the invitation.

Deleting an organization

An organization can be deleted from the Admin section at the bottom of the screen. It can only be done for organizations that don't have any subscriptions.